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Saturday, January 24 2015

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The Good Luck Puppy's Guide to Growing Up

My new book has arrived:
"The Good Luck Puppy's Guide to Growing Up"
By Vlad Kolarov

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"Connected To Vlade", The Vlade

Some songs I recorded recently.
I hope you like them.
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Cartoon Logos, Funny Logos, Mascots, Funny Pictures, Animations & Cartoon characters for Your Business!

Cartoon Logos, Funny Logos, Mascots, Funny Pictures, Animations & Cartoon characters for Your Business!

Funny cartoon pictures, cartoon logo designs and wicked cartoon characters.

Vlad (NOT Dracula) Kolarov is a custom cartoon logo designer, cartoonist, humorous illustrator, animator, logo designer, greeting card artist, web designer and all around cartoon persona living & working in Vancouver, BC.

Humor Drive is a creation of the world-known cartoonist Vlad Kolarov. It is especially designed to help your business. My cartoons, illustrations and logos will help you put a smile on your customers' face and money in your pocket. Feel free to browse through my portfolio filled with funny cartoons, cartoon pictures, cartoon logos, unique cartoon characters and comic illustrations.

Since 1989 I have been professionally creating hilarious cartoons for corporate identity, websites, newspapers, magazines, whimsical t-shirts, greeting cards and more! My cartoon art studio has proved to be a hot spot for cartoon logo design and my client list includes numerous small, medium and large companies.

If you are in need of funny cartoon logos, cartoon character pictures, funny business cartoon logos, cartoon character logos, funny cartoons or hilarious and unique characters, let me create the perfect custom illustration for your next project. My prices are fair, my work is top-notch and I am very easy to work with. Get a no obligation quote today or give me a call 1.604.463.0623!

date a herocartoon logo

happy pigs cartoon logo

american pup cartoon logo

cartoon logo jerkin chiken

cartoon logo

cartoon logo lion paws

Just a couple of my last company logo designs. You may see more samples of my cartoon logos here.

Q: How long does it usually take to create a cartoon logo design?
A: Well, as this is a creative process, the time may vary but usually it does not take longer than two weeks. If your feedback is positive and there are no extra redrawing needed, to create fantastic looking logo design from start to finish it may take only 2-4 days.

Get a no obligation logo quote on your cartoon business logo designs project today or give me a call 1.604.463.0623!

Are you in a hurry? Do you want a great cartoon character and you need it NOW? You may purchase one of my ready-to-use logo designs without having to wait!

Do you need a Custom Corporate Holiday Christmas Card / Animation for your small or large business?

Custom Christmas greeting cards

See more samples of Custom Christmas cards.

Custom Christmas animations

See more samples of Custom Christmas animations.

Browse my new online collection of original, top quality logo designs and characters available immediately for download...

Do you have Flash? You may see my new logo design cartoonists portfolio that displays some of the very best of my logo and other cartoon service samples.

Cartoon Illustration | Brand Identity | Mascots

No business is too big or too small for me! Hire me today:

I create funny business cartoon logos for small, medium or large businesses. You may also use custom advertising (funny single or multiple) panel cartoons for mailers, newsletters and web sites. I've designed cartoon pictures for magazine covers, t-shirts and restaurant menus. I have created animated TV commercials for agencies, public relations firms and large corporations.! Contact me and get your business in gear!

Editors & Art Directors:
If you need a humorous illustration or hilarious cartoon, I am your man! I've worked with hundreds of newspapers and magazines around the globe. Contact me today!

I create funny cartoons for websites, newsletters or personal occasions. Contact me and get your custom cartoon picture design today!

I Create:
Cartoon Logo Designs, funny cartoons, comic strips, greeting cards, cartoons, funny logos, cartoon logos, presentation cartoons, funny powerpoint presentations, Pictures of cartoon people - men and women, cartoon shark pictures, cartoon gorillas, cartoon bunny pictures, sharks, funny babies, cartoon people, skateboard stickers, toon bees, cartoon pictures of people, cartoon fish pictures, funny bikes, funny surf decals, toon parrots, cartoon monkey pictures, cartoon dogs, cartoon dog pictures, cartoon pictures of angels, and funny whimsical animals, cartoon fish, cartoon aliens, cartoon dogs, cartoon cats, cartoon ducks, cartoon monkeys, cartoon deer, cartoon dolphins, cartoon horses, cartoon bears, cartoon rabbits, cartoon skunks, cartoon tigers, toon lions, toon cows, toon pigs, toon chickens, toon bugs, toon buffalo, toon ponies, toon mice, toon elephants, toon rats, toon babys, toon kids, toon girls, toon , childrentoon boys, toon cars, funny heros, funny holiday, sexy girls, funny Santa, funny Christmas, funny zebras, funny bulls, funny butterflies, crabs & other fun logos and humorous pics, creating cartoons, and more! Hope you find what you are looking for. If not, please contact me and I will create it for you!

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